Using my legs

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me lately or where I’m finding mass quantities of energy (it must be all those carbohydrates from the tons of pasta I eat), but I walked to school today. All the way from my house!

It’s just about 3 miles exactly. Then, I decided to walk home from school tonight. That is 6 miles of walking I’ve done today! It only takes about 45 minutes to walk that distance though, which the bus sometimes takes that long anyway, once you factor in time waiting at the bus stop.

Anyway, since Monday (when I first walked home from school, plus my late night adventure), I’ve walked or ran a total of 20 miles!

I even have ambitions to walk to (and from) school tomorrow as well. Another 6 miles! Perhaps even a run in the afternoon and then Michelle, David, Meghan and I are going rock climbing at the gym. This has definitely been an atheletic sort of week for me.

Perhaps I’m feeling guilty for all the junk food that I’ve been eating. Or perhaps I have some subconcious desire to get into shape for later this summer, when I may climb Mount Shasta with Meghan and her dad. Either way, it’s definitely been perfect weather to take advantage of this. I’m thrilled!

Anyway, I have a quiz to study for in the morning. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll get around to writing about Dan’s visit this weekend and posting some pictures.