The Photographic Interview

Alright, I’ve finally completed something that I came across last year and thought was quite interesting. It’s called the “Photographic Interview” and was a project that was posted on

Anyway, here it is! Enjoy. 🙂

Question 1: Who am I?
Question 2: Who knows Me Best? (My sister)

Question 3: How old am I?

Question4: The most important thing in my life. (My Family)

Question 5: I always carry…

Question 6: Something I always do…

Question 7: I’m happiest when (I’m with my friends and making others laugh)

Question 8: On a Monday morning, you can find me…

Question 9: My favorite mode of transport.

Question 10: My eyes are…

Question 11: My favorite material posession

Question 12: To relax, I like to…

Question 13: The town I live in is…

Question 14: My worst habit

Question 15: My guilty pleasure

Question 16: When I look at someone, the first thing I see is…

Question 17: I think _____ is beautiful. (Sierra Nevada Mountains)

Question 18: One thing I can live without.

Question 19: One thing people don’t know about me. (Punched through a window in 7th grade and have a small scar on my wrist. Ouch!)

Question 20: My life is… (About taking the road less travelled)