Ugh. Just got a phone call that is not good news.

Two weeks ago, one of my closest friends in the geology program up here got into a horrid motorcycle crash one evening when a car swerved across 3 lanes of traffic to try and get to an exit they were about to miss. My friend Kurt happened to be exiting the freeway at the same time.

Fortunately, he saw the car coming and was able to try and react. Unfortunately, he was basically run off the road. He ended up in extraordinarily bad condition and considering his injuries, it’s amazing he even survived.

Last night was the first chance I’ve had to see him since the accident. Along with a few friends, we spent three hours at the hospital last night. His injuries are numerous. There was a compound fracture in the left leg, his right foot might be broken, ACL and MCL in both knees are ripped, his pelvis was basically broken in half, busted bladder and three broken vertebrate.

Anyway, my friend Peter, who has been spending a lot of time at the hospital, just called to inform me that the doctors are going to have to amputate his left leg, due to the amount of blood lost and muscle tissue that died as a result. Ugh. I feel sick and sad. All we can do at this point is be there for him and keep him in our thoughts and prayers.