Secrets of the MacBook Air revealed…

Anandtech posted an article today that reveals some information about the processor being used in Apple’s new laptop, the MacBook Air. It’s definitely a technical read, but for those curious, check it out.

Turns out, they are using a customized 65nm Merom based processor. This is interesting, especially since Intel was releasing over a dozen different types of their new 45nm Penryn based processors in the first quarter of 2008. The key advantage of these processors is that they use less energy and run significantly cooler than the older processors.

My MacBook Pro gets HOT when I use it. I’m willing to bet that the MacBook Air is going to be quite hot as well. The case of the laptop is so small that heat dissipation is going to be a big issue. And if a MacBook Air has a regular old hard drive within, that’s going to produce even more heat. (Not to mention that hard drives themselves really dislike heat)

It will be interesting to see how well the MacBook Air sells over the next year. As I’ve said before, $1800 is pretty steep for what you get.


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