Rearranging the furniture

Alright. Doing some cleaning up and redesigning of certain parts of the site. First and most notable (or not…) is that I’ve eliminated the news page entirely. It really conveyed no important information, and any news that I need to pass on will just be written in my blog anyway. So, goodbye news! Secondly, I’m trying to setup a forums section for discussion of certain topics. The forum is basically up and running but I don’t really have a public link for it yet since I’m still trying to sort out some basic issues. This is probably a useless feature that will most likely involve discussions mainly about geology between myself and me. Anyway, once I get all the kinks worked out, I’ll make the link public.

I spent part of this week apartment/house hunting for rooms to rent. I came across a good offer on craigslist and went to go check it out. $490 for a room in a 2 story house in the Golden Gate Heights area. It had an AMAZING VIEW. The people who lived there were very cool and the whole setup seemed great. I was really looking forward to it and thought I made a pretty good impression on them. Evidentially not, since they never called me back, even after I called them a few times during the past couple of days. Argh! Oh well, my closet will have to suffice for now.

Anyway, I just realized that it’s 3 in the morning. What on earth am I doing up at this time? I guess trying to enjoy as much of my last day of spring break as possible. Though thanks to this, I’ll probably be sleeping through most of it!