Pushing on!

The first full week of school is winding down. Pretty good so far. My only complaint is that one of my G.E. classes has to rank as one of the most boring classes that I have ever taken. Normally, I probably would just ditch it, but it’s right between two other classes, so I figure since I’m already on campus, I might as well make myself useful.

Spent the last few afternoons down at Ocean Beach. I sat on a sand dune and did homework yesterday. That was a peaceful experience and I got quite a bit done. I went running along the beach today as well during sunset. There was hardly anyone out, I practically had the place to myself. That was just an awesome experience. My roommate Colin, might try and take me out surfing one of these upcoming weekends. I’m excited, though aprehensive at the same time. That whole “weird things I can’t see” in the water factor, scares me. Just running along the beach today, I counted 15 jelly fish washed up along a small stretch. Ack!

In some sad news, a student at SFSU died yesterday from injuries he suffered on a school field trip this weekend. He was a brand new incoming geosciences student, so I wonder if this will have some implications on our department. I didn’t know the student, but very sad stuff nonetheless. I wish his family and friends the best.

Alright, a few hands of Texas Hold ‘Em awaits with the roommates! This will be the fastest $20 I’ve ever lost. (I’ve yet to actually win a hand in this game.)