Planning for New Zealand

Things are starting to get in motion in regards to my 6-week long excursion to New Zealand during winter break for geology field camp. I thought I would go ahead and put together a list of links and just what the heck I am supposed to be doing for my friends and family who aren’t entirely familiar with my plans come Christmas.

Field camp runs from December 28th to February 7th, though it literally takes 2 days to fly there (~18 hours in the air, plus crossing the international date line). So I will end up leaving in the afternoon / evening on Christmas day (not sure if I’m flying out of San Francisco or LAX just yet). I’ll arrive in Auckland (North Island) on the morning of the 27th and take a small commuter flight to Nelson (South Island) where we will begin our trip!

Map of New Zealand

We start our trip off on the South Island and end it 6 weeks later on the North Island in the city of Auckland. The schedule sounds intense… 6 days a week of working, with 1 day off (but all field camps are like this). 3 meals a day are provided for us as well!

We’ll be checking out things such as the Franz Josef Glacier too:

Franz Josef Glacier

Anyway, I’m getting more excited as December approaches. My passport application has also been sent off and I should receive that the first week of December! This will be my first ever trip abroad and I’m definitely looking forward to it.