Off to Mexico!

Things have been extraordinarily hectic and busy for me as of late. My apologies for the lack of updates!However, tomorrow morning, I leave with my family to go on a week long cruise to the Mexican Riviera!

Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas will be the three stops we check out while we undoubtedly do all the touristy things.

In other news, I recently picked up a nice, swanky digital SLR camera (Nikon D80) and will be lugging that along with me. Hopefully I’ll snap some cool photos with it. 😉

Played around with it quite a lot lately. You can check out a lot of the photos I’ve taken with it on my Flickr page. Pictures from the trip will go up once I get home! 🙂

Here are a bunch of awesome pictures I’ve taken in the past few weeks with it. Enjoy!

Mr. Mellow

North Tower of the Golden Gate

Fountain in Justin Herman Plaza

Bay Bridge at Night

The Early Bird.

San Francisco Mornings

Tight Turn

Wings of a feather...

Those aren't birds




One last ride

The Outer Sunset