Muni Street Theater

I read this funny story a few weeks ago about someone’s experience on the SF Muni. After last night, I believe I have my own interesting “Muni Street Theater” experience.

My sister and I left late last night from a friend’s party in the lower Haight area and hopped on a bus to take us home. The bus stops at a fairly busy cross street (Fillmore I believe) and a rather wasted guy gets up from the back and tries to get to the door in time.

The bus begins to leave and he shouts “Back door!” The driver stops and waits for the man to exit. However, in his drunken state, he doesn’t remember to step down to open the back door of the bus. The bus driver figures no one is going to get off, so he leaves again.

This time the drunken man shouts “Hey!!! I said back door! Stop!” and the driver ignores him. Drunken guy stumbles to the front of the bus to yell at the driver. The driver pulls over at the next stop (only 2 blocks away) and asks him to get off the bus. The guy leans over to roll down his sock and pull up his leg, evidently showing the driver his knife and saying, “you see this?”

The driver unbuckles his seat belt, stands up and gets right in the guy’s face to say “I don’t care about that! Get off my damn bus!” The guy admits defeat and steps off without another word, which causes the whole bus to breakout in cheers and clapping.

It was definitely an awesome sight.