Mumbai Terror Attacks – Social Media Coverage Beats Mainstream Media

Within the last few hours, terrorists carried out a coordinated attacks in the city of Mumbai, India, targeting UK and US citizens staying in some of the glitzy hotels in town.

At this point, mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, et al.) are finally starting to pickup on the news and cover it. Interestingly enough, social media was right on top of it.

The first news I heard about it was via my Twitter feed:

Thanks to Twitter, we have a lot more, up-to-the-second information available. Flickr user Vinu, is uploading photos he took within the last few hours right now.

(Source: Vinu on Flickr)

Vinu also has a Twitter feed, and when talking about the above image, he remarked, “one thing I will definitely remember is the blood around the scooter and a cellphone ringing somewhere inside the debris!”

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