Maverick’s is Breaking

Word went out on Friday that storm conditions in the Pacific Ocean were going to create monstrous waves this weekend down at Pillar Point (a half hour south of San Francisco). And so, the annual Maverick’s Surf contest was organized on 24 hours notice. The winner of the contest took on waves that were 40 feet high at the end of the day. Insane!

Not to be outdone by Maverick’s, a few friends and I got together and we headed northward to Bolinas Beach to catch some waves (granted, these waves were 1/10 the size of Maverick’s). It was a perfect January day in the Bay Area. Photos were taken of course.

Checking things out

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Sanjin waiting for a wave

Relaxing Ride


Beach Art



Sanjin Surfing

Bolinas Beach - Looking South

Also, if you’re interested in surfing at all, check out the documentary by Dana Brown called Step into Liquid. There is some absolutely amazing cinematography in the film. It’s a fun movie to watch as well.

And here is one more amazing video on big wave riding.


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