Improving my coffee game with technology

Nothing makes me feel ready to take on the day like my NASA mug full of fresh coffee. 

The last few months have been pretty awesome for my coffee game. Between gifts from our wedding, Christmas presents, and my birthday, I’ve started to build up quite a collection of devices to help feed my caffeine addiction.

  • Chemex
  • Aeropress
  • Variable temp electric gooseneck kettle
  • Digital scale with timer

It’s been awesome and fun experimenting with different ways to make coffee and see how it affects some of my favorite types of beans.

One of the things that I’ve recently started doing is creating a crazy Google form to track all the different coffee preparation methods I’ve been using. It looks like this.

Coffee Tracking

What sorts of additional details am I missing that I should be recording here? It’s probably getting a little bit ridiculous, but hey!

This sort of thing appeals to my sense of experimentation and adventure. I should probably put one together for my Aeropress as well. File that one under #weekendprojects.

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