I sure have a way with people

So I’m leaving school today and walking up the platform to catch a train home. A little old lady is in front of me running up the platform. I notice that her backpack is open, so I jog up and catch her to inform her about this. As she pulls it off her back to close it, she drops a sweater and folder. Then she exclaims “OH MAN!!! I HAVE TO GET TO WORK!!!!” all while she’s trying to close her backpack (and having a bit of trouble). And then she starts wailing! “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OHHHH NO. OHHHHHHHHH!” Then she picks up her stuff, gets on the train and continues to wail. And wail. And wail for the entire ride home!

Oh man! I’m sorry to have brought bad news to her life. πŸ™ Good grief, just by the mere act of me talking to people, I can make them cry. That makes me feel great. πŸ˜›

I encounter the craziest people on these trains. Last year, another little old lady sat next to me on the ride to school and proceeded to tell me her life story… despite me having headphones on! And then she mentioned her boyfriend Jason. Then she would ask me “Oh! Did I tell you about my boyfriend Jason?? He is great!” Then a few moments later, “You know my boyfriend Jason? He’s great!” And then she proceeded to ask me again if she told me about her boyfriend!