Doing my Civic Duty as a Citizen of S.F.

Ah yes. San Francisco. Among the many benefits of living in this fine city is that our streets are cleaned once a week. Some grumble at the fact that they have to remember what day street cleaning is so that they can move their cars.

Not I. In fact, I totally forget when street cleaning is so that I fail to move my car. It’s a great thing to wake up to a parking ticket in the morning in front of your own house! I opted not to buy a MUNI fast pass this month ($45) so that I could save money. I figured I wouldn’t be taking the bus much this month.

Nope! Instead of saving money, I will now be sending a check in the sum of $40 to the D.P.T. (I swear it stands for “Department of Parking Tickets”). Thank you!

That said, it’s totally my fault. But that sure does sting… your wallet AND your ego.