Come Out Fighting

Two weeks of school down! Of course I missed most of this week due to having a cold. That was a great experience and I ended up missing a lot of important classes. Hopefully this means that I won’t have to deal with being sick again for the rest of the semester and it is out of the way now. One can only hope at least.

It seems like I’ve been getting sick a lot more often since I’ve moved up here. I feel like it might have something to do with taking public transit. It seems like a lame excuse, but then again, being in close contact with all sorts of people who cough, sneeze and touch the hand bars, I think I’m exposed to quite a bit more up here. I rarely remember to wash my hands when I get off the bus or train too. Perhaps that is something I should be more vigilant about. Of course now I sound like one of those people obsessed with too many germs around.

Ah hah! Just found this little tidbit on a health website: Experts agree that scrubbing your hands is the first line of defense against bacteria and other germs that can cause colds, the flu, skin problems and more serious illnesses.

In other news: Judging by the past two weeks, school is going to be pretty intense. Part of me feels like I am already behind in work! Nonetheless, I just need to struggle on through it. I’m also applying for another summer internship in Southern California that sounds absolutely awesome. I’m crossing my fingers that I get it. The office is located in Riverside, so I can live with my parents for the summer and sublet my room up here. Anyway, I’m mailing everything out early next week. I’ll be anxious to hear from them.

In random news: Michelle and I randomly stumbled across a Mediterranean food place that makes these AMAZING falafels. I went back earlier this week and after paying, I noticed he gave me back too much change (3 cents instead of 2 cents). Since I was just out the door, I returned, handed him the penny and said, “You gave me 1 cent extra.” He laughed and then offered me praise! “Wow, that speaks a lot about you! You are a good person!” That definitely made my day. Of course I don’t think anyone else I passed on the street cared too much as I strutted by and said, “Hey! I am a good person. Ohhh yeah!”

P-Party: Pirate, Punk and a PhoneOn Friday, we had a themed party at our place, entitled a “P-Party.” The objective was to dress up as something that started with the letter “P”. We had physicians, people in pajamas, potheads (wearing a pot on their head), pilots, proctologists, purgatory, pirates, punks and even “peace.”

I decided to be slightly different and dress up as a phone! I spent a few hours on Friday making my costume. However, in a fit of absent-mindedness, I ironed the #3 on backwards! I didn’t realize it until after everything was already put together. Oh yes, that was awesome. I received quite a few compliments for it too! Of course the interesting placement of the zero was a unique conversation starter (and even lead to some interesting pickup lines).

Anyway, here’s to hoping I’ll get better in the next few days! It’ll definitely be nice to get out of the house, especially since the weather has been BEAUTIFUL.