Best Photos of 2009

Another year has closed, and once again, San Francisco photographer Jim Goldstein is calling for your top photos taken this year! It’s always a blast to participate in and review some of my favorite shots taken over the past year.

You can also see my best photos from 2008.

BART Protest at Civic Center

Protestors gather at Civic Center in San Francisco on January 12, 2008 to protest the shooting death of Oscar Grant by a BART police officer on New Years Eve.

Curious Sea Lion

Buzz, a friendly elephant seal pup that we encountered while backpacking along California’s Lost Coast.


While traveling through Canada this past summer, we took a gondola ride near Banff. The first part of the ride was enveloped in fog. Right after we broke through, I stuck my DSLR out the window (yikes!) and captured this shot!

Space Needle

Visited Seattle for the first time this summer as well and took this shot at the foot of the Space Needle.

Apple - It's Only Rock N' Roll event

Steve Jobs made his return to Apple, after being sidelined with health problems. It was my first time attending an Apple keynote / Stevenote and the first time seeing Steve Jobs in person. Shot photos for gdgt. Definitely a moment that will stick with me for a long time.

Blue Angel #7 High Speed Pass

The Blue Angels always provide fantastic opportunities for shooting photos. I took this photo as Blue Angel #7 screamed right over the top of our apartment building.


In March, the California Supreme Court ruled on the validity of Prop 8 (and made the unfortunate decision to uphold it). I took this photo and thought it represented a nearly perfect representation of each side (literally, metaphorically, politically). Two people on the left, in love and making a point about equal rights. On the right, an older white gentleman, holding up a sign in support of Prop 8.

Robogames 2009 - Day 2, Saturday

Robogames 2009 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Two competitors chat after a battle and examine the damage inflicted upon their robots.

Robogames 2009 - Day 2, Saturday

A second photo from Robogames 2009. A competitor cheers in victory after his robot scores a critical hit on an opponent.

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