Being sick is the devil

I’ve been sick the last week! It all started out as a simple cold and developed into this horrid sinus infection. After going to urgent care yesterday, they gave me some antibiotics, and I already feel 100% better! Too bad I didn’t do that earlier in the week, since I am missing a geology field trip that is currently going on this weekend. Doh!

Between school projects, geology trips, work (and lack thereof, due to being sick), being sick in general, this has been one of the most stressful weeks of my entire academic life! Luckily, it is coming to a close.

So I’ve moved into the new pad! What is it like so far? Well first off, check out the view:
First, Second and the stairway I have to climb to get to the house! I need to do some fixing in my room though. The curtain rod decided to fall out of the wall for no good reason, so for now, I have the curtains nailed to the wall.

In other news, it looks like NASA has extended the missions for both the Mars rovers too. That is exciting to see. I’ve been following those things like mad the past 3 months. NASA is hoping they can both last until September, which would put them at 8 months of being operational on the surface, or nearly 3 times longer than scientists had initially planned.