A knack for missing field trips.

Last night I went to Berkeley to play volleyball again. Overall, it was quite a bad night. Too many egos on the court, too many people that think they are olympic caliber players and giving other people crap. We’re all there just to have fun. Regardless, I realize there are going to be ultracompetitive people in any type of sport you play, whether it is for fun or part of a league. Ultimately, I can shake that off and just ignore them.

So about 45 minutes into the night, I go up to hit a ball that is tight to the net, land funny, causing my ankle to roll. I hear a large “pop!” and on the ground I go! Oh yes, I sprained my ankle. I have never done that before and this hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt.

Despite the pain, I was able to walk on it a bit last night. Now today, I can’t even put *any* pressure on it! Luckily, David and Michelle were home and gave me a ride back to my place all the way from Berkeley. I don’t think there’s any way I could have made it home otherwise. I’m planning at some point to go to the school’s infirmary and get this thing checked out, just to make sure I didn’t break it. The only question is, how will I get to school and walk halfway across campus, all without crutches?

As luck would have it also, I should be leaving right now for a field trip in one of my geology classes. Obviously, there is no way I could have made it this weekend. I’m getting pretty good at missing these trips. Last year, I missed a major one because I came down with the flu and a sinus infection. Ugh! Go figure.

Anyway, here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery.