2011 Photographic Year in Review

Grape leaves

What?! Another year in the history books? I say this every year, but time sure does fly. Especially when you’re having fun. This year seemed like one of the busiest yet! Let’s take a look back at my photographic year in review for 2011.

See previously, my photographic year in reviews for 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.

Quick notes: I probably stuffed way too many events and photos in this post. Sorry! Secondly, it’s interesting to see how many square formatted photographs (courtesy of Instagram) that I have. It’s my primary way of sharing photos these days.

January 2011

I started off the year trying to take a photo per day. Here, I walked town Divisadero in our old neighborhood and shot some random photos of the store front one night. This experiment lasted about 2 days.

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Street cars are one of the reasons I love San Francisco.

5323168544 9f7cb6207f z

Speaking of rides in street cars, I kept taking pictures of them / inside them and shot this iPhone panorama.

Street Car Panorama

In early January, Christmas trees are victims in San Francisco.

5347633497 a4b4378c0c z

Kerry took me to the Tonga Room in San Francisco for my birthday. It’s a San Francisco classic. Pool in the middle of the restaurant with a boat and a band.

Tonga Room SF

Tonga Room SF 2

Our friend Christian celebrated his birthday by scheduling a Mexican party bus to take us around town! Drinks, music, and late night pinatas in the park!

5356334266 dcc20aafd0 z

Walking to and from work each day, I’m bound to stumble upon many of San Francisco’s eccentrics. And then document them with my phone’s camera (this is a trend I’ve noticed more and more — I’m using my serious cameras less and less!)

5371169231 a059859018 z

5463659250 8cc4e404d9 z

I also picked up this rad bearded beanie (because, you know, I can’t really grow a beard).

Bearded beanie

To end the month, the group of our friends took off on a chartered wine tour of Sonoma through Terrific Tours.

Wine 1

Wine 2

Wine 3

February 2011

The first weekend of February was Super Bowl weekend! So, we mounted up in our vehicles to head to Lake Tahoe for a winter weekend at a friend’s cabin.

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This means there was also some serious Settlers of Catan games going on.

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Also, the Starvin Marvin’s BBQ Team decided to help out and provide some tasty treats.

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Thanks to a query from Burrito Justice, I went to the SF Library to dig up a research paper on prehistoric humans found while excavating BART in the 1960’s.

5427167160 015ba49a37 z

Mike Daisey came to town and gave an incredible performance on The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. Here’s the setup of the stage prior to the show.

Agony of Steve Jobs

Winters in California aren’t too bad…

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A friend of ours had an 80’s themed birthday. Dynamic Dave and Missouri Mike made an appearance.

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Kinetic Kerry and Dynamic Dave, 80’s style.

Kerry and dave

Our cats continued to make me realize how easy they have it. Here, Tegan is thinking about all her worries.

Easy tegan

And a tweet of mine randomly appeared on Twitter’s home page. Sweet!

5452307838 a5c974d240 o

March 2011

It’s been awhile since we’ve been wine tasting, so back to Sonoma we went!

Wine march 1

Wine march 2

Proving time and time again that we have the laziest animals in the universe.

Lazy cats

March also means the South by Southwest festival is happening. Off to Austin, Texas!

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Rachel and Kerry pose with the mascot from HootSuite.

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And then pose while riding some cheesy rides…

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Austin gets pretty crazy during SXSW.

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The Texas State Capital Building is pretty neat at night.

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The primary reason we were in Austin was for our annual gdgt live in Austin event.

Gdgt live in austin

While in Texas, Kerry and I apparently found one of Austin’s classic “love photo” spots.

With love from austin

We extended our stay a few days and had a chance to check out the world famous Salt Lick BBQ outside of Austin.

5532636201 740fa08cca z

Don’t forget about all the awesome music! Here, Liam Finn sings some tunes.

5545444695 2bd5003a4d z

After a week in Austin, we flew back home to our fair city.

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With BBQ season approaching, I hung out with the Starvin Marvin’s BBQ Team while they practiced cooking some brisket.

5572201125 ae08a12b39 z

I can’t stop taking pictures of the sky!

5643759153 dcf98bc9ff z

April 2011

Baseball season begins!

Att park

Our friends Scott and Marcie ended up getting engaged! So we hung out at a wine bar to surprise them (courtesy of Scott setting this up).

Wine bar engagement party

For our friend Jeff’s birthday, we went out to the East Bay and had a BBQ in the park.

Jeffs birthday park

Koa was there to keep us company.

Koa park

In late April, I ventured out to Kennedy Space Center for one of the coolest experiences in my life — to checkout Space Shuttle Endeavour’s last flight for a NASA Tweetup! It was the experience of a lifetime.

Kennedy space center

Here is the new Orion module on display at the KSC Visitor’s Center.

Orion module

An full scale mockup of the Shuttle on display at KSC:

Ksc visitor shuttle


Nasa credentials

The VAB! Words cannot describe how crazy huge it is. This is where they put together vehicles that take humans to SPACE. And at one point, the MOON!


I’m posing in front of the world famous count down clock.

Countdown clock

We also got to go inside the VAB!

Inside vab

Sadly, due to a late thunderstorm and some technical issues that cropped up, the launch was scrubbed and I had to return home. This was the closest I ever got to seeing a Shuttle launch.


May 2011

May was a fairly inactive month for me. Went for a run down to the beach.


There was also a lot of standing around, as Off the Grid SF started up a weekly event at our office building for lunch!

Bw shoes

June 2011

Masquerade party at our friend’s house.


Kerry and I moved to Oakland! One of the immediate and obvious differences between San Francisco and Oakland was the blue sky. That’s right! No fog in the summer, baby!

Oakland skies

We immediately started checking out some of the neighborhood eateries. Our first stop? Homeroom! Specialty Mac n’ Cheese!

Homeroom food

And here is some cute art on the wall at Homeroom:

Homeroom wall

I flew to New York City for a gdgt live event. I went a few days early to visit my sister, who had just moved back to New York City from Los Angeles.

Brooklyn summers:

Brooklyn summers

Checking out the High Line.

High line

It was pretty fun hanging out with my sister in NYC. I hadn’t seen her in awhile!


July 2011

In July, we went out to Yosemite National Park for a wedding for our friends, Meghan and Andy. It was a blast!

Yosemite 1

Yosemite chapel

Yosemite Falls

Of course, I had to go for the standard post card shot of the valley.

Yosemite valley

Our friend Marcie took an awesome photo of Kerry and I while there.

Dave and kerry

I also borrowed a new camera, the Fuji X100. I had to test it out, so I used my standard benchmarking tool: the nearest feline.


In mid-July, we went back to Austin, Texas for another wedding. This time for Jess and Adam.

Austin 6th

Austin river

We end the month with some more baseball — this time, the Oakland A’s: a minor league team pretending to be a major league team.

Oakland as

August 2011

August! This time, we venture to Seattle for a gdgt live event. Before all the festivities, we stopped by the Sci Fi museum to see the Battlestar Galactica exhibit!

Bsg 1

Space Needle!

Space needle

In mid-August, we ventured northward to the Russian River for a good old-fashioned canoe trip!


Russian river

Kerry dave canoe

Seemingly millions of people flocked to the Mission to taste food from a few dozen food trucks. Street Food Fest was amazing. Amazingly crowded!

Street food fest

My parents and grandparents came up to visit and stayed in Napa. So we went on adventure and rode the Napa Valley Wine Train!

Napa train

Train view


September 2011

We spend Labor Day weekend on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Lake tahoe chambers

Tahoe chambers

Tahoe cabin

The other reason we were in Tahoe? Rib Fest!

Dave ribfest

Reno ribfest

Reno ribfest2

We managed to sneak in some hiking as well.



Tahoe above

Off the Grid held an event in the East Bay at Golden Gate Fields. So, we went out and saw our first horse races. It was pretty fun!

Horse races

Mid-September, I went off to Chicago for another gdgt live event. It’s such a pretty city!

Chicago 1

Chicago 2

More Oakland A’s games! (Admittedly, baseball is always fun to see, no matter who is playing.)

More baseball

Random stuffed animals left around our neighborhood…

Teddy bear

Our friends Katherine and Tony got married!

Kkr tc

October 2011

Sadly, Steve Jobs passed away early in October. I swung by the local Apple Store to check out the memorial that fans and mourners were building.

Apple store memorial

Views from the office building: crazy people.

Crazy people

October means Fleet Week! Scott and I went out on a boat and watched the Blue Angels practice. We had pretty epic front row seats.

Blue angels 1

Blue angels 2

We ventured north to Sonoma for another wine tasting trip with friends.


Making wine

For work, the team stopped by the SF MOMA to check out the Dieter Rams exhibit. It was pretty inspiring.

Dieter rams

Besides Fleet Week, October also means pumpkin patches!


Dramatic mornings on public transit.

Macarthur bart

This is how we hack street signs in Oakland.

Oakland street signs

For our friend’s Halloween party, Kerry and I dressed up as friendly TSA agents.

Tsa agents

November 2011

More wine!

More wine

And more Dave and Kerry pics after drinking wine!

Dave kerry wine tasting

December 2011



We took a train ride down to Southern California on the Coast Starlight. That was a blast!

Coast starlight

The views were pretty epic, too!

Coast starlight views

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