Quick Road Trips and Spooky Nights

My sister and I decided to drive home this past weekend on a whim, to visit our parents and see how our mom was doing after having surgery on her wrist. It was a nice weekend to relax for a bit and get away from the hectic school life. The drive wasn’t all that bad either, at just over 6 and a half hours each way (I must have been speeding!) and the car performed flawlessly. To that I say, “Up yours Saturn of Colma!”

Anyway, some highlights from this weekend:

*Went to a bar with Dan, my sister and some of her friends. Here I am, nearly 500 miles from San Francisco and I ran into a girl I met *in* San Francisco, who used to be a roommate of one of my geology friends.

*Dan is getting rid of some of his musical gear, so I was able to pick up two of his electric basses. Sweet! On the way back home, I dropped one off at David’s since we were both talking about getting a bass recently. Now we both have some to play around on. I decided to break it in by recording a bass track for the last song I wrote, entitled “Out of Life.” Check out the new version here! The old version is here for comparison. 🙂 Thanks a lot Dan.

So it was nice to relax (in terms of no school work), even though we were only able to stay for two full days (which caused me to be quite exhausted and flake out on a few people as well).

Walking Home

Changing up subjects… I decided to walk the 3 miles home from school tonight after I got out of a class at 10PM and there was just something completely spooky about tonight. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a full moon. But all sorts of various things combined to make it feel weird tonight.

Walking down some of the side streets to my house, there wasn’t a single person around or even any cars driving. Most of the lights in the houses were off too. It’s a clear night with a full moon and a light wind blowing. The only thing I heard as I walked down the street were the rustle of leaves and some window shutters rattle (scary).

Of course there are a few houses around under construction and have some large tarps over their roofs. Whenever I walked by them, the wind would convienently pick up and catch the tarps, causing them to make loud snapping sounds as they flapped in the wind.

It’s weird to try and explain it. Just an odd night I guess. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that Halloween is just around the corner?