What kind of boots are these?

I don’t know if I’ve been playing too much RDR lately or what, but I know that anyone who knows me is going to be surprised by this post.

I saw these boots this weekend (see image below), and I kind of want some! The only problem is, I have no idea what kind they are, since I know absolutely nothing about boots. They look very similar to these Frye Harness boots, but I actually don’t like the way those particularly look (I like a combination of the vintage style, plus the “foot” seems to stick out longer in my attached picture).

EDIT: We might have found them. Kerry says they look really similar to these vintage Frye Harness boots!


Anyway, don’t worry Mom and Dad. I’m sure this desire will pass by tomorrow morning. Besides, if I actually purchased these, would I *really* ever wear them besides Halloween and Bay to Breakers? Probably not.