Halloween party and uninvited guests

Kerry and Dave

Last night, we ventured out to the East Bay for a friend’s annual Halloween Party. Hilarious and creative costumes were the norm of course and good times were had by all!


Last night, towards the end of the party, I posted a message to Twitter, which received a number of responses this morning:


One of the guests last night brought their chihuahua to the party unannounced. It was dressed up in pirate gear and actually made one of the cutest little pirates around.

Tiny, the Pirate

The hosts of the party have a larger dog who isn’t too keen on strange animals invading its home and the hosts weren’t aware that someone had brought another animal over. The chihuahua was kept in a small bucket, and set on a chair to keep it off the floor and away from the other dog.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one mistake for someone to move the dog from the bucket, not realizing the potential consequences of what could happen.

Anyway, a number of us were chatting in the kitchen later in the evening when we suddenly heard some pretty ferocious snarling at our feet and a blur of twisting and shaking fur.

It was over before any of us could comprehend what happened. The little
chihuahua was laying on its side on the kitchen floor, twitching while blood spread from a wound on its head. No one moved at first because we were all shocked and trying to understand what just happened.

The owner of the chihuahua is a vet, so she immediately began trying to stop the bleeding and was soon conducting CPR. The whole situation was dire, and we were all huddled around her on the kitchen floor, watching as she frantically tried to save her dog.

After a few minutes, she picked up her dog and left with a small group of friends to try and find an emergency veterinarian clinic.

We got word this morning that the chihuahua didn’t make it.

Dogs are cool too

On Wednesday, I posted that despite being a dog lover, I sure do watch a ridiculous amount of cat videos.

For my canine loving friends, fear not! Our dogs have some equally amusing videos as well. Unfortunately, there weren’t as many readily available on the internet.

Regardless, here are a few of my favorites.

And another one involving pugs…

For being a dog person…

You know, for being a dog person, I sure do watch and enjoy a lot of cat videos.

Some of my recent favorites:

And of course, the infamous Ninja cat that comes closer without moving. Just mute the sound for this video. (Why do people who upload videos to Youtube always *insist* on putting crapping music in their videos?)