What did Grandpa just say?!

“David is a whore…” 

That’s not something you expect to hear at a family party, let alone come out of your grandfather’s mouth. 

I’m in Southern California for the weekend to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday with family and friends. Since I’m traveling light and with my new toy, I decided to bring along my iPad. 

After arriving and saying our hellos, I gave the iPad to my Grandpa, who was sitting at a table with a number of his friends. He briefly looked at it and passed it around. After getting it back, he opened up the Notes application and read something off the screen. 

“David is a whore…”


Everyone started laughing, and I did too. I knew my Grandpa was a funny person, but I’d never heard him make a joke like that before. I was pretty confused and wondered if we’ve crossed some new line of humor with my family. He looked at me and said, “No, really. That’s what it says!”

He handed the iPad to me. And sure enough, I saw this on the screen:

It turns out that my sister had apparently used my iPad without my knowledge and decided to leave me a special message that I might find at a later time. 

Well played, Sister. Well played.